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Your presence is very much appreciated. I also am thanking you in advance for your purchases and support for this worthy cause: “Women’s Breast Health”. I was inspired to come up with this from Ashton Kutcher reality series EXCEPT this is on a more serious note!

It’s my desire to make sure that this site just isn’t about women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s also my desire to scream into a cyberspace ‘bull-horn’ about blood cancer, the disease I was diagnosed with in 2006.

Perhaps this will be another way for me to bring to the forefront knowledge about “Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins” Lymphoma Blood Cancers. Susan Komen has done, and continues to do, an excellent job keeping her namesakes legacy (her sister) in the public’s eye. Before my demise I would like to be the Pin-Up Poster Grrl for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma!

Research and Early Detection has saved many women (and men) lives as well as paved the way for others to advocate for themselves. I would like to announce that this site has been dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivors, Finding The Cure and for those who had family, friends and co-workers who lost the battle.

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